Here are a few possibilities for your business at the Tupelo Regional Airport.

Potential Economic Development for Tupelo Regional Airport


Anotaxess an aviation services provider at the airport, you are exempt.

From the Office of the Attorney General on the Assessment of Real Property Ad Valorem Tax to Private Entity on Airport Property

As this office has opined previously, the foregoing language clearly exempts any structures, improvements and
personal property erected or installed on a leasehold executed pursuant to this authority from all state, county or
municipal real or personal property ad valorem taxes. Ad Valorem Tax to Private Entity on Airport Property.pdf


More & Better Jobs | The Community Development Foundation is the economic development engine for the Tupelo/Lee County area in Northeast Mississippi.

The Community Development Foundation’s Economic Development Division is responsible for the recruitment of new businesses and industries to Tupelo/Lee County, as well as the retention and expansion of existing businesses and industries.


Tax Exemptions, Incentives and Credits from the Mississippi Development Authority

The following documents explain the various Tax Exemptions, Incentives and Credits which are available for industries and businesses operating in the state.

Economic Impact Analysis of Mississippi Airports