“It is the mission of the Tupelo Regional Airport Police Department to enhance the safety of the community of citizens who travel through the airport by upholding a commitment to excellence in the professional and courteous delivery of police and security services, while operating under the framework of the United States Constitution, through the reduction of fear and the preservation of human life while enforcing relevant statutes and regulations.”


In the evolving global landscape marked by heightened security concerns, the Tupelo Regional Airport Police Department remains ever-vigilant.

Team Composition

Our force comprises full-time law enforcement officers, all of whom are certified in Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (AARF).

Jurisdiction & Authority

Officers are duly authorized Peace Officers for the Tupelo Airport Authority. Their remit extends beyond the airport, allowing them to serve the city of Tupelo as well.

Customer Service & Community Outreach

Understanding that law enforcement is not just about maintaining order but also about community engagement, our officers are trained in customer service skills and community outreach.

Geographic Scope

The team serves Tupelo Regional Airport and extends its services to the city of Tupelo, the 7th largest metropolitan area in Mississippi. 

Tupelo Regional Airport Police & Fire Department Directory

Chief: Justin Williams

Lieutenant: Brandon Pannell

Field Officers

Officer: Brandon Tucker

Officer: Stephen Nolan

Officer: John Knight

Officer: Kaleb Mills

Officer: Chris Whiteside



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