Thank you for locating your business at the Tupelo Airport. If you provide services to the public, you are required to have a Commercial Activity permit from the Airport and a Privilege License from the City of Tupelo. Please let us know how we may assist you with the paperwork.

Please fill out and submit the following forms to the airport Administration office.

– Commercial Non-Commercial Activity Application (Fees apply)

For business that was to become tenants at the airport please fill out the following.

– City Of Tupelo Certificate of Occupancy

– City Of Tupelo Privilege License (please include a separate check to the City of Tupelo)

You may find all of these forms at Applications, Documents, & Forms

The Rates and Fees schedule is located Rates and Fees

Items that are typically subject to charges are:

– Aeronautical Business Permit Application

– FBO Operator

– Aircraft Maintenance Operator

– Avionics Or Instrument Maintenance – Operator (SASO)

– Aircraft Rental Or Flight Training Operator (SASO)

– Aircraft Charter Or Aircraft Management Operator (SASO)

– Aircraft Sales Operator (SASO)

– Aircraft Storage Operator (SASO)

– Other Commercial Aeronautical Activities (SASO)

– Temporary Specialized Aviation Service Operator (SASO)

– Commercial Aeronautical Activity Permit

– Non-Commercial Hangar Operator

– Non-Commercial Self-Fueling Permittee

– Private Flying Club

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