General Requirement

  • Badge Requirement: To access the fenced areas of Tupelo Regional Airport, a badge is mandatory.

Private Access (Non-Commercial)

  1. Eligibility: Aircraft owners may request hangar access.
  2. Badge Allocation: Up to two badges will be issued per aircraft owner.
  1. Application Process:
    • Complete a Badge-Key Application for each individual.
    • Include a copy of your aircraft registration with your name as the owner.
    • Corporations must provide a list of registered owners on company letterhead.

Commercial Access

  1. Required Documents:
    • Badge Request Authorized Agent Request Letter
    • Authorized Agent Designation
  2. Procedure:
    • The Authorized Agent Request Letter designates the employees who can request access on the company’s behalf.

Please download, fill out, and submit the following forms to the airport Administration office.

– Authorized Agent Request Letter

– Authorized Agent Designation

– Badge-Key Application

You may find all of these forms at Applications, Documents, & Forms.

The Rates and Fees schedule is located at Rates and Fees.

Items that are typically subject to charges are:

Identification Cards

  • ID Card
  • ID Card 1st Replacement
  • ID Card 2nd Replacement
  • ID Card 3rd Replacement
  • ID Card 1st Refund
  • ID Card 2nd Refund
  • ID Card 3rd Refund

Keys & Locks

  • Padlock Key
  • 1st Padlock Key Replacement
  • 2nd Padlock Key Replacement

Security Screening

  • Fingerprinting/Background Check
  • Fingerprinting/Background Check Renewal

Access Privileges

  • Vehicle Gate Access
  • Pedestrian Gate Access
  • Corporate Hangar Vehicle Access
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