You are required to have a badge in order to have access within the fenced areas of the airport.

Private (Non-Commercial) access to the hangars can be requested by aircraft owners. The airport will issue up to two badges for each aircraft owner. Please fill out a Badge-Key Application for each individual requesting access. Accompany this paperwork with a copy of your aircraft registration indicating your name as an owner. Corporations will need to submit registered owners on letterhead.


Commercial (All other access) request must be accompanied with a Badge Request Authorized Agent Request Letter and Authorized Agent Designation. This letter will designate one or more of your employees that can request access, on behalf of your company, for individuals that need access within the fenced area.

Please download, fill out, and submit the following forms to the airport Administration office.

– Authorized Agent Request Letter

– Authorized Agent Designation

– Badge-Key Application

You may find all of these forms at Applications, Documents, & Forms.

The Rates and Fees schedule is located at Rates and Fees.

Items that are typically subject to charges are:

– ID Card

– ID Card 1st Replacement

– ID Card 2nd Replacement

– ID Card 3rd Replacement

– ID Card 1st Refund

– ID Card 2nd Refund

– ID Card 3rd Refund

– Padlock Key

– 1st Padlock Key Replacement

– 2nd Padlock Key Replacement

– Fingerprinting/Background Check

– Fingerprinting/Background Check Renewal

– Vehicle Gate Access

– Pedestrian Gate Access

– Corporate Hangar Vehicle Access